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Chris Christopher and Ernie Hegedus founded the Douglas Sales Company in 1957.  In 1993 when Ernie Hegedus retired, Richard Kmec, a long time executive with Douglas Sales, purchased the company.  Following his unexpected death in 1997, Ken Atkinson, John Pavlik, and Roni Potocco bought the company. Roni retired in 2005. Then in 2023, Ken was appointed Chairman of the Board and Michael joined ownership, becoming President. All have been with Douglas Sales for a number of years and are very experienced in the Food Brokerage business, marketing and merchandising.


In the early years Douglas Sales began as a frozen food brokerage firm.  Over time it diversified into grocery, general merchandise, bakery and dairy/deli departments of the food industry.


Another development at Douglas Sales was the expansion of its coverage when it formed a distribution arm, Price Mark Sales, which distributes Avery-Monarch pricing guns and labels to provide additional support to our principals.


Tradition is used as a guide to the future.  Success depends as much on conserving the past as on planning for the future.  So while Douglas Sales is invigorated by past success the able management and steadfast corporate philosophy fortify the present and future.


As Douglas Sales advances into a changing world, their marketing expertise and creative services are used as vehicles. A tradition of stability and firm individual relationships are guideposts.  At Douglas Sales, they believe this is the best way to ensure the future.

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